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The Ten Year Century
by Mike Keating on Thursday, 19th of March 2015

Tom Hayes and Michael S. Malone argue that we have entered the era of the “ten-year century,” by which they mean that the pace of life has so rapidly accelerated that what used to happen in a century now happens in a decade.


Changes that used to take generations—economic cycles, cultural shifts, mass migrations, changes in the structures of families and institutions— now unfurl in a span of years. Since 2000, we have experienced three economic bubbles (dot-com, real estate, and credit), three market crashes, a devastating terrorist attack, two wars and a global influenza pandemic. 


This video is a bit longer than my normal offering but it is a really interesting ‘eye opener’ about just how much change this century has produced.



The prophet Daniel predicted that at the end of time that things would increase in speed and knowledge (Dan. 12:4), and that people would be overwhelmed by fear (Luke 21:26).


Some experts suggest that ALL of human knowledge in DOUBLING every 14 months. While people disagree over how quickly knowledge is increasing, all of them agree that what used to take centuries can now be played out in a few years.


It’s not just change, it’s the dizzying rate of change. If things seem to be moving faster today, that’s because they really are. We see real-time events from the battlefield that would have taken weeks to report during World War II or months during the Civil War. Those same reports from distant lands might have taken a year or more to arrive in the ancient world. But we see in real time from Iraq or Afghanistan or some remote village in Pakistan.


  • It means that what was ‘normal’ community practice is no longer normal.
  • It means children are accessing ‘XXX’ rated material on their smart phones.
  •  It means substance abuse is shifting from ‘soft’ drugs to ‘bad’ drugs.
  • It means people will take more time to trust than ever before.
  • It means people will move more often, change relationships more frequently, and have up to seven different careers in their life.
  • It means church will become more superficial and less transformational in the lives of its members.
  • People will spend more time on the internet more than sleeping in any 24 hour period.


Our challenge as passionate followers of Jesus is to ‘slow’ down. In the same way that some people are changing from ‘fast food’ and adopting the ‘slow food’ movement for the sake of their health, it is important that as believers we learn to take ‘sabbath’ (Mark 2:27) which is for our advantage, not God’s.


We would all profit if we could learn to take time to smell the roses, feel the rain in our hair, touch the hand of a loved one, and still our busy hearts to know that He is God (Psa. 47.10).


- Ps Mike