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The Rule of the King
by Mike Keating on Thursday, 10th of April 2014



Sometimes, the diet of the Western Church is so focused on the Christian consumer. When you unpack the central message, there is a lot about how to be healthy, wealthy and successful. A lot of the programs and processes in church life is really about getting the individual ‘churched’. In some churches, the message is “Jesus came to give you church and to give more in abundance” – apologies to John 10:10.


However, when we get back to the central message of Jesus, we will probably be shocked by what He says. However, the challenge is to hear the word of Jesus with fresh ears. We need to be able to read the ‘red letters’ in the Bible with new glasses. We are obligated to actually listen hard to what Jesus was trying to communicate.


The fundamental message of Jesus was “Repent for the Kingdom of God” has come. Most of us hear this as “Deal with your personal faults, be sorry, and smarten yourself up otherwise God will smack you down when He finally gets around”.


However, this is not the MESSAGE of Jesus at all. He was announcing that God’s rule is at hand and we can enter into the reign of the King on earth. Back in Genesis, we learn that humans were created by God and were expected to operate as His Vice regents over the created order. We surrendered this in rebellion through the sin of Adam and Eve and we have continued in this rebellion to this day.


We are invited to join with God now to rule on earth. Most people still want to run the show, be captains of their own destiny, and be their own king. Any kingdom involves three elements - A King, a subject, and the exercise of leadership.


Jesus challenges us to give up self-rule and cooperate with King Jesus to establish God’s rule on earth. This is more than an internal peace or spiritual dimension in the heart. It is meant to flow out of our lives into our families, our churches, our communities, our nations and our environment. This is the Kingdom of God. We engage in the process of bringing God’s way of doing life into our life firstly and then we transmit it into our worlds of influence.


Your Kingdom Come Oh Lord!



- Ps Mike