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Marriage Is Sacred
by Mike Keating on Wednesday, 23rd of September 2015

I am a Christian pastor. I am about to make a simple statement. Marriage between one man and one 

women for life is the best way of building family and causing society to flourish. In a world dominated by 

sound bites, political correctness and slogans, it is absolutely bewildering that this simple statement 

should sound so controversial. It is staggering that it should sound so strange to say that a loving 

marriage for life between husband and wife is God’s best plan for humanity?

We are here today not so much as to be counted for what we are against, please underline this thought, 

but we are here to be numbered for our enthusiastic endorsement for traditional marriage. 

From a Christian perspective, God is not against anyone … He is not willing that any should perish and 

He calls all people to the good news that through Jesus Christ we are given power to lay down our self-

life to take up the God-life – the Good life.


The Greek New Testament has four different words for LOVE; “agape”, “phileo”, “storge” and “eros”. 

Agape refers to the love of covenant commitment, “phileo” refers to the love of friendship, “storge” 

refers to the protective love of parents for their children, and “eros” refers to the physical act of 

intimacy. Only covenantal ‘traditional’ marriage satisfies the full demands of LOVE in all of these aspects. 

It is appropriate, in fact necessary, for society to set the boundaries of public behaviour because not all 

choices result in positive consequences for family and society. 


By way of example, we understand that cars travel at different speeds, some with better drivers and 

others with better cars, but the healthy NORM for society is that we abide by the speed limit. Some may 

argue for the exception, that they are a better driver, that it is their personal choice, their right, their 

freedom to choose their own rules. But we all know that what might be good for the one, may not be 

best for the whole. 


Every human being should be treated with dignity and respect; even if and when we disagree with them, 

but when it comes to public policy, (to setting the road rules), we have an obligation to champion that 

which is the best NORM for the flourishing of family and society. 

And here is the inconvenient truth – that every serious research study, all of human history, and most of 

our own experience informs us that the permanent union between one man and one women is the gold 

standard for flourishing family and society.  

Curiosity killed the cat, but finding out brought it back. The FACTS are – married couples

 Have better sex and have it more often

 Have better health - living on average an extra 8 years

 Are more likely to volunteer in a charity

 Have less depression and drink less alcohol

 Have higher incomes and life in better areas

 Have reduce sudden mortality rates by 50%

 Have less mental health issues

 Enjoy better retirements


It seems incredible to me that no one in public life dare utter the simple truth that virtually ALL 

relationship problems are a direct result of embracing behaviour that the Bible, the churches, and 

traditional morality generally condemn.


In closing, personal “identity” is not a matter of sexual taste. It is discovered in the one-flesh unity that 

God created in the prototype of Adam and Eve. It was only after Eve was drawn out of Adam that Adam 

had complete self-awareness. Eve is a part of ME! It is a mystery. Here, it is sacred. One Man, One 

women, leaving and cleaving, forming a new family. Sheer Delight and new life melded and welded 

together. It is marvellous, it is the amazing, and it is - marriage.


- Ps Mike