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Exodus: Gods and Kings
by Mike Keating on Saturday, 13th of December 2014

Exodus: Gods and Kings


Hollywood seems to be short of stories and has again reached into one of the oldest and grandest stories ever told. It is the story of the Exodus. This is the foundational narrative of the Jewish people who celebrate and commemorate the covenant keeping God who set them free from slavery in Egypt. And, what a great opportunity for the specific effects department!


It promises to be lots of sword play, amazing special effects, and great drama. In the movie, it has the Pharaoh declaring “I AM A GOD, I AM A GOD” in protest against the claims of his adopted brother to “let God’s people go”.


I reckon it might be worth a big tub of popcorn and a huge coke.


The ancient Egyptian pharaohs were indeed considered gods. They were absolute monarchs of what was probably the most powerful nation on Earth. They exercised the right of life or death over everyone in their realm and were accustomed to having their every decree obeyed promptly and without question. Fawning courtiers rarely, if ever, challenged them.


‘Pharaoh’ means ‘Son of God’ – ‘Son of Ra!’


I do think many of us unwittingly might still wrestle with Pharaoh’s problem. You see there is only two alternatives. Either we have the One True God in our life or we are our own god. We will either make up our own rules for life, eating still from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Gen. 3:6), determining for ourselves what looks good to the eye, good to satisfy our appetites, and good for our sense of pride (1 John 2:16), with the assumption that God’s is holding out from us. Or, alternatively, we will trust God and that his laws are perfect and just to create a flourishing life.


It is amazing how many people still respond to the ‘plagues of life’ with anger and rebellion. Pain is a part of God’s gift to us. C.S. Lewis calls pain ‘God’s megaphone’. It is a way for God to get our attention and seek help and healing. Sadly, too many will hardened their heart, only to experience more plagues and ultimately death.


I hope the film is better than Noah’s Ark in following the Bible but it is a good opportunity to take your unsaved friend out for a movie and a chat about why people refuse to come to God when there is protection for everyone who stands under sacrificial blood.


- Ps Mike