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Daniel’s Story of Deliverance
by Mike Keating on Wednesday, 22nd of July 2015

A much loved member of our church, Ravi, had a son who had a serious car crash. Daniel Iyer puts his survival down to a “higher power” after a crash that trapped him in his car for six hours. The 25-year-old was driving to a friend’s house when he smashed through a fence and into a tree in Oakford just after 1am on July 6. Strapped into the driver’s seat with his right arm hanging on by pieces of skin and his Toyota utility on its side, Mr Iyer saw a man standing above him.

















Emergency services worked for hours to free Daniel Iyer from his crashed car. He had already been trapped for six hours before being discovered.


“He was in a white dust suit with an oak rifle slung over his shoulder,” he said.


“I was yelling at this guy who wasn’t there saying, ‘Why won’t you let me out of here — I need to get away.’ “That’s what gave me the strength to get me through the situation. I felt like someone was with me.”

















Unable to unclasp his seatbelt, Mr Iyer lay helpless until 7am, when a passer-by spotted his ute wedged between two trees in a cow paddock.


“I had my arm strapped into the seatbelt and I was trying to pull it out of there. I pulled the skin off and I was screaming,” he said. “I was freezing cold because my shirt was completely torn up and I started praying."


“There was nothing I could do. Then out of nowhere this guy rocks up with a jug of water and called the ambulance."


“A higher power — that’s all I can put it down to."


“I just prayed for the end of it and it pushed me through. It wasn’t my time to go.” After he was airlifted to hospital, Mr Iyer learnt the seatbelt saved his arm.


“If I got the seatbelt off, my arm would have slumped down and it would have fallen off because it was only attached by nerves,” he said.


God still does amazing things. Let’s continue to pray for Daniel’s full recovery.


- Ps Mike