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Creator and Creation
by Mike Keating on Wednesday, 30th of April 2014



Monique and I have had a couple of days away over the Anzac weekend down in the Stirling Ranges in the shadow of Mt Trio. I love this spot for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there is almost no phone or data coverage which means I am almost not contactable. I am told that if the wind is blowing right and you are half way up to the Bluff Knoll car park, you can get a better signal.

I also love this spot for its beauty – rugged, prickly, dry beauty. I have learn over time that this area is one of the most bio-diverse and specific environments on the globe. It boost thousands of unique species of fauna and flora only adapted (designed) to live here. This includes many varieties of wild orchids.


I was really glad to add a photograph on one more orchid to my collection. It is a ‘leafless’ orchid and is called the ANZAC orchid because it flowers very early for a few short weeks around Anzac day.


Here we have another example of something that is wonderfully and intricately made. It is crafted with amazing ability to survive in a remote and harsh environment. It has no leaf – no ability to make the green energy drink of plants; chlorophyll, but exploits an amazing relationship with an underground fungus which exchanges sugar for proteins – and then it produces one flower that only stays open long enough to be fertilised and then it dies.


It reminds us that the Bible teaches that each and every one of us is unique and wonderfully made (Psalm 139). We are designed by God for God. We need God as much as we need air to breath and food to eat. He is the creator and we are his special creations


"You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created." (Rev 4:11 NRS)


- Ps Mike