What makes Champion Lakes Christian Church different?  Three words... Encounter, Engagement and Enthusiasm...


Sunday morning is our primary celebration, our opportunity to come into the house  of the Lord with shouts of thanksgiving and praise. Our celebration service is created to bring people closer to Jesus, and closer to each other. 


Our Celebration service aims to build an atmosphere of authentic praise and worship. It aims to allow a message that delivers truth, hope, transformation and practical examples of how to change to people's lives. It  is a way to come towards an encounter with the living God. 


Engagement and fellowship with each other is a critical element of our celebration. We encourage fellowship through serving others, through being a part of something bigger, through being a part of a team. Our Sunday Service teams are a group of amazing volunteers who are there to serve others, with willing hearts, who are committed, passionate and dedicated to the Kingdom of God. We make time for fellowship. We actively try to connect you with like-minded people, and we like the good gossip. Every Sunday, we celebrate not only birthdays, but wedding engagements, promotions, awards and starting new jobs. We are a family of believers who engage in the life of the church, the life of their community and the lives of others.


It's a great feeling to belong to a community of believers who share the same values, faith, passion, and desire  to build the Kingdom of God. We share the commitment to see every person experience the love of God

- Karen D'Silva


We believe that God honours a sincere heart. We try to find places for you to serve with enthusiasm; a place that God has gifted into your heart.  We find opportunities for teaching and feedback to encourage excellence.  We believe that if you are enabled to serve in the area of your gifting, and you are equipped to do this with excellence, then enthusiasm will bubble out of you, and inspire those around you.  Your enthusiasm can bless those around you and be an agent for transforming their lives, as well as your own.


People matter to us and we want to know about you and encourage you to live your life with purpose and destiny.  We welcome everyone from all corners of the world to fellowship with us.