Here at Champion Lakes, we look at pastoral care a little differently.  When life falls apart, it is nice to have friends who care.  If you have friends who recognise that you are struggling, who can reach out to help you, and are part of a community who can add additional support you don't need a department of people who have a job.  If you can grow in your faith, love and hope, then YOU can be the one who is a friend inDEED.  Our Senior Pastor defines a healthy Christian as someone who is fed regularly with Word and Worship, is a blessing to others by being in service in the house, and fellowships with other Christians outside of just the Sunday service.


Consequently our vision is to create a community of friends who care for each other, a community that grows its members from NEED to BLESSING, a community that shines a light into the lives of those who have slipped in the cracks of life.


The way we do this is to CONNECT people with like-minded friends, and GROW our members.  Here are some of our connections:



Pastoral Care Team

We are a bunch of people who love to talk, see people talking, know who is friends with who, and totally deny the allegation that we spend our lives gossiping!  We look to introduce you to a bunch of friends with similar passions, and create opportunities for fun.  Dinner parties, picnics, trips to the beach for small groups of specially selected people, are a tough burden we bear, but someone has to do it.  We look for places where you can serve in the kingdom, and balance this with your own growth, gifts, life circumstances, and availability.  We try to match you into your gifting, ensure service is fun and fulfilling, and seek to prevent you being trapped in a burdensome ministry you don't enjoy or have overcommitted to.  If you have some dramas, we will try to put you in touch with people who have been through the same, and can offer great insight to your situation with a way forward.



Young Adults Group

We have a bible study and discussion group and do occasionally do social stuff like go for fish and chips in Fremantle together, or if there's a week it’s not on we will all still hang out at one of our houses and have dinner, swim in the pool or watch a movie. We like to keep up with the interaction and have formed close friendships within the group. The feel of it would be friendly, welcoming, warm, and energetic. We are all pretty bouncy people, and some people who have come along who used to be quiet and sit back have even come out of their shells and are also now bouncy and energetic and jump right in with the discussion and sharing and coming out to things that are happening. It’s a relaxing evening because you can just chat about anything and everything, with a very down to earth vibe. So far it is a demographic of about 20-something young adults, though people a few years either side of that range have been attending as well. Any young adults would fit in ok! It caters to everyone.



Mixed Basketball

Some of us are All-stars, and some of us are fresh out of spectating (is that a ball?), but all of us enjoy our competition in the Baptist Basketball league.  This year we fielded a younger team, but we hope to run 3 mixed teams next season.  There is an element of discipleship and an element of excellence with training and competition.  An absolute ball!



Craft and Crop

It may be scrapbooking, macramé, knitting, or something unique, but it is more entertaining done together.  We meet once a month at church, and work on our projects.  We share afternoon tea, and fellowship with the Queen of Scissors.



Sunday Service Teams

Once a month we make church happen.  In an environment where we are trained for excellence, we are part of a team that is responsible for everything on a Sunday.  We can learn hospitality, catering, stewardship, greeting, networking and a multitude of skills in a low pressure environment where we can only improve.  If you don't know many people, or don't know your giftings, this is a great place to become involved with low risk!



For more information on any of our connection groups or if you would to be a part of any one them, then click here to head over to our contact page.